Home Aluminium Composite Panel Handling & Storage

Handling & Storage


  1. Always store Gurind ACP horizontally face to face & back to back on the pallet to prevent bending or warping.

  2. Group panels to be placed according to thickness and colour, when storing to avoid unnecessary handling.

  3. Store away from rain, dripping water and other environmental hazards.


To remove soil and dirt, wipe with water, applying moderate pressure. If necessary, a mild detergent solution can be used. Never use paint removers, acids, thinners, scrubbers or sharp metals for cleaning.

Protective Film

The protective film should be removed within 45 days of installation at the maximum to avoid any damage or contamination by the surface bonding material.


Always use drill bits for aluminium sheets and plastic panels. For larger holes use a drill bit with a locating point.


Conventional routing equipment can be used. Plastic or wood vice jaws should be used to avoid pressure marks when chucking the work pieces.


Can be done with a guillotine. All blanking tools should be padded to avoid marks.


Can be bent to inside bending radius r = 15 x t (panel thickness), with the help of a folding table.


Conventional stainless steel, wooden, sheet metal or metal screws should be used. For external use, panel expansion should be taken into consideration.

Folding (by routing)

Can be done manually after routing a V-groove on reverse side with a panel saw with milling attachment or hand-milling cutter.

Edge Smoothing

Use file with rasp like cut, to file any roughly cut corners.


Use brake press for min. inside radius r = 15 x t (panel thickness)


A steel band tool on a punching base should be used for panels of 2 to 3 mm thickness. Or conventional sheet punching machines for any thickness.