Class Apart

Following facts make Gurind a Class Apart:-

The Key Coating Component

  • KYNAR 500® resin- a fluoro- polymer with remarkable bonding properties of its molecular structure- the carbon/fluorine bond (one of the strongest bond)

  • Life expectancy of 20 yrs of PVDF coating.

  • PVDF coating NOT adversely affected by environmental hazards


  • The perfect bonding between the Aluminium coil & core achieved by using adhesive film manufactured from raw material sourced from DUPONT USA.

The highest quality bonding ensures

  • Perfect peel off strength

  • Avoids de-bonding & bubbling

Core material

  • Improved binding strength.

  • High Acoustic Value.

  • Non Brittle central core

  • Heat Resistance

Protective Film

  • Gurind ACP is covered by a protective film.

Application of the film during manufacturing process protects the plain top coated surface while handling, fabrication & installation.